Thursday, October 16, 2008

::KaCukan MelaNAu..i'm??::

First of all,

i'm actually originally melanau gurl..100% but there is much different between my mom and my dad language/dialect..

and i, MYSELF

more to my mom >>melanau mukah
my dad come from Dalat area that we call their melanau is melanau DALaT

let see the different of this two (2) languages...

we start with numbers 1-10

melanau MUKAH
satu',dua,telo', pat, lima,nem,tujuk,lapan, sembilan, pu'an

melanau DALAT
satu, duah, telau,pat,limah,nam,tujuk,ayan,ulan,pu'an

see; got different right..

i can speak in melanau mukah but not so fluent. i only know the simple words and as long my slanga still sound melanau..ha ha ha
its sound weiRd!!
when i going back to my kampung..owh~~errr
my relatives will laughed and scolded me because they said my language already mix up with malay word.. that i use to 'slang' it in melanau dialect...haha
UuuU...its really embrassing me..
what to Do..98% of my days i used only malay languages
because I'm a traveller now..i Hope within this 5 years...i'll be 100% melanau

MelaNAU DALAT pula...known as Melanau KPG TANAM where my dad grow up.
i'm telling you all my friend..he he he

Melanau @ my dad kpg is very slow dialect.. i think so and i believe any dialect from other places also have this different rhythm.
i like to hear my cousins speak in their language but i can't follow them.. i'm a moderate talker. i can't imaging it for u..he he he so lamak to tunggu abis 1 ayat ooo!! but i love it..

erm.. for me,problem occur when i visited my grandma [my mom's dad] and if i want to have a conversation with her, i have to speak in fully melanau tanam . becoz my grandma can't understand even i speak in melanau mukah. She will asked me to 'telabou liko' which means ckp bahasa kpg. argghh~~ its take about 2 days for me to recalled this language..

ha ha ha..its too bad for me right?? &%#@

mmm..thats the story about me and melanau dialect

i'm trying to improve my traditional dialect.. its a heritage for my generation.. although i'm not so fluent as long i know a bit about it...

INFO 1 : actually srwk got 40++ type of languages from 40++ race. iTu belum lagi elaborate.
every places/dialect also got different languages and their rhythm also different.

INFO 2 : in My family alreadY got 3 type melanau... MUKAH, DALAT, BINTULU.. ' mElanau BInTUlu'
very different.


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