Friday, October 10, 2008

..aN aNtiQue cAr..

erM...i'm not really sure what type of this car but i'm sure it is an antique car.. pergh~~

after having breakfast, of course la going back to workplace...
this olive green car is parking in front of our office..
woW..!!..thats what i can say.. doesn't mean i never seen it before but this time i can see it live. its about 1 inch distance only from me and i can touch its... uUuu

wHat make me shocked.. the owner of this car is in our office. foreigner HUsband & Wife is looking for antique furniture too. Our office is not selling furniture but doing renovation works. My ladyboss love to share her story about what she knows about antique furniture and there's a few antique furniture in our office for display only.. i show u few...

Back to the topic..

this car only have two seat..and it is an 'open air' car but i guess you all know what i means...
maybe at your place its easy to see this antique car. i don't know much about this car. Lets the picture tell you, this car owner really take care of his car and i think he has changed the engine to new one. maybe...hehehe
and its must be spending a lot of money as per car condition at this moment. all the sparepart i think not really easy to find it except the owner have to go to antique car's shop..

Before the owner make a move, i, without embarrased face, asking permission from the owner to take a snap for rememberance and of course for my newbie blog..haha

ta'da..its me 'control pose'

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