Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Tamat Kontrak

hi everyone,

soon i'll be leaving my current company
i have been here almost 2 year & 10 month

its a great & challenge start
ending this work with this feeling is not a good experience
from busy day until no work to be done

Why we stay until now??
its just like - we have our own ego..
giving an excuse;
1.waiting for the contract to be terminate
2. project almost done
3. wanna see how this project officially close/end
thats why we stayed..

 but then...
until today the project still got something to be done..
defects.. defects..
some is under DLP and some are not under DLP..  

this really not & out of how we deal with construction fields.
i, myself
very excited to learn something new in this fields
i feel like learn (not to say nothing), it is not up to standard 

i can say that, from beginning of year 2017,
i did not learn something new..
no task that challenge me..
i felt my mind goes to zero..
i need more refreshment to start new work..
i need vacation!!

the confident is not in here.. my heart.. missing

i need to do something that give back my super-excited attitude to face this world challenge..
stay outside the boxes..

even now, i already pending updating my resume.
from the day receiving 3 month notice of contract termination 
now left another 1 month to find new job.
 i have few commitment this few month.. i don't want to advance from others anymore..

God, Help me
I need you
give me the positive energy to continue my life

haha.. sound i'm out of my topic..
its ok..i just want to mumbling here..
release my burden

Friday, April 28, 2017

last post 2014 
terlalu lama blog ini ditinggalkan..
half year 2014 until 2017..
here i come.

then only i remember.. 
jiwa kacau, stress, gembira, sedih. apa jua perasaan and kehidupan yang aku lalui..
aku luahkan dalam blog ini..
salah satu cara untuk melepaskan segala perasaan yang tersebut..
boleh dikatakan agak berkesan..

bermacam-macam hal telah berlaku dalam kehidupan aku sepanjang aku menghilang dari me'update' blog ini
berpindah tempat kerja
berpindah negeri bekerja
focus final year yang berapa kali tertangguh
at last, aku telah selamat menjadi graduan peringkat ijazah..
Thank GOD.
selain itu..
tempat kerja baru dengan pengalaman baru
kerja yang sangat banyak..
berjumpa dengan ramai kawan2 baru.
sangat ramai okay... haha

until sekarang..
project sudah siap jika dinilai dari segi konteks pembinaan..
tetapi kami yang berazam berada di project ini sehingga akhir..
semakin terkapai2
tiada hala tuju..
menunggu surat tamat kontrak

tahun 2017
sudah menghampiri pertengahan tahun..
kami mempunyai masa lapang yang sangat banyak..
sehingga merasa sangat bosan
aku pula hilang arah tujuan untuk tahun 2017
matlamat aku kebanyakan adalah untuk jangka pendek..

azam 2017 
hanya disebabkan belum mendapat surat tamat kontrak..
its ok...

after make come back inside this block..
i will try list down my 2017 resolution

see ya again
my blog~