Thursday, November 13, 2008

:anyONE wanna give ME this present??:

KenzoAmour Perfume
We're sure the sheer sensual beauty of KenzoAmour Perfume is in the soft,
feminine fragrance,
but we'll have to admit, one glance at the brightly colored bottles has us drooling.
Designed by Karim Rashid,
the KenzoAmour fragrance has a woodsy, musky scent and comes is three different vibrant colors in three sizes :
orange is 3.4 oz ($85),
white is 1.7 oz ($65),
fuchsia is 1 oz ($48).
for christmas present or coming birthday 3 month more to go...
i like this fragrance not only because of the colour of it.... but 85% jugak la... haha
bau pun quite soft yg sesuai untuk seorang perempuan yg mengimpikan kehidupan seperti seorang WANITA..~~
will BE 26 years OLD next year... i hope can make some changes with my styles.. and aslo my smells~~hehe
[skrg wangi jugak..hehe guna kenzoflower ciplak~~]
people owest thought i'm still younger than my age..huh~~
mmg la "proud" but..hahaha
for me i need a CHANGES!!..
dari segi penampilan jer la...
eh, out of topic pla...!!
so, i hope my sista ker? younger sista ker? or my 'udak' ker?... friends?? i think it is to much... for it from u all..
anyway, good JOB KENZO!!

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