Sunday, August 28, 2011

: its hard :

its hard..
to deny this feeling...
i'm writing to express my feeling...
how to say it arh...
i say please heart don't show that feeling..
my mind keep working
and always make me feel it...

i become blur..
not because i'm not in shopping mood
the feeling disturb me
i'm trying to avoid that feeling...
its really hard
i never feel this before..
its really hard
am i think about it to much..
am i putting really high HOPE for it..
where can i have STRENGTH to overcome this feelings..
i want to stay with the feeling but.. i should not do that...
i kill my feeling...

i need JESUS to help me overcome this feeling...
i need JESUS to help me so that this thing will become easier...
JESUS LOVE is the greatest...
HE lets us share this wonderful feeling...
i don't know where i can share it..
maybe here is the best way..
sometimes its help me..
i write and i talk to HIM..
this is my prayer LORD

i believe in u LORD..
i want to be at my hometown but...
its hard to be here naturally..
am i acting to be who am i now...???
where is my real attitude?? character?
i need WORK to make better future..
i need MONEY to built my future..
I want JESUS to be with me..
with HIS LOVE fulfill my life..
no matter what..
its really in a good time
hard time...



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