Thursday, February 19, 2009

:will turn 26th years old soon:

i'm scared with this posting..
getting nearer to say bubye to 25 years old club
will join a NEW club..
days running so fast..
i'm just want a breath for new year..

but its ok..
for me..
24 february 2009 is a begin for me..
its been 26 years already i stand on this beautiful earth..
with variety challenges that i face
lets me list down what we have learn being a human that growth..
(my own description)

0-12 month
we're in fast growth process
baby become a child

1 year - 4 years
within this years
we're in process of learning
to speak out a word/talk
to walk/run

5 years- 6 years
we're in pre-school
learning about ABC
sing a song
recognize other people

7 years - 9 years
we're in lower primary school
up 1 stage
spend more time at school

10 years - 12 years
we're in upper primary school
at this time we all have to attend kokurikulum
i'm a tunas puteri

13 years -17 years
we're in secondary school
learning more advance subject
all the subject is about our life and living
and maybe 'the subject' is about what are going to be..

18 years -25 years
we're teenage level already
free from wearing school uniform except for form 6
at this time, most of us busy applying any ipta/s
to continue our study to high level
depend with our course
what we intent to be....
to further study or to work

26 years old
its a new part for a teenage..
still don't know what will happen
i'll tell you next year

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