Saturday, February 14, 2009

:a STRESS week:

its been a long time i didn't drop anything here..
suddenly come out with...the subject ???

who can elaborate my subject??
i don't know what happen to this week..

in work side i feel happy because i with my friend gonna have a job or project
which means i will have side income..
but the main thing is...not the side income
i learn to be somebody..that what i want..
i don't want to be who am i now..
the new vision in new year and the special month for me..
i won't turn back...

GOD please Help me.. it won't happen if i struggle with a blank heart and mind...!!
and without you supporting me..

what a stress week??
this week i got heart broken a few times
not because a man ( well i'm a women ready..wah ghatal kejap )

this week i'm too sensitive...
iyah...many reason why i feel that way..

its too long for me to write it here
because of
my friends,
my siblings,
my boss...

the way they talk, their body language, the words they speak out...
its make my heart beating and tears come out from my sepet eyes

what a good connection between my heart+mind+eyes...

its give me highly patience..
to built my own life...

sometimes kan,
our blog become our close friend.
if we don't have people to drop our feel..
we just write it here..

there no ending for my subject...
but i feel much better now...


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